May 20, 2020 In Person Visits & New Procedures

May 20, 2020 In Person Visits & New Procedures

Snow Sport & Spine New Procedures

Dear Snow Sport and Spine community,
We reopened our office earlier this month to in person visits and have implemented new procedures for your safety.

We have modified our schedule and we are limiting movement in the office. Trevor is now working on Monday and Wednesday and Katie is working on Tuesday and Thursday. Kristin is working in the office on Fridays to do billing and all tasks she can't do from home. We are still in our first stage of opening and we are hoping to get Kristin and Sara back in the office on a more normal schedule as well as Felicia starting to see patients as soon as we feel it is safe to do so.

This is a lot of change and we encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or need clarification. We also continue to offer Telehealth visits for those who are high risk or those that simply would prefer to have their appointments via Telehealth. It is our priority to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Below are some new procedures we will be utilizing for everyone's safety.
1. We will continue our no penalty reschedule and cancellation policy. If you are not feeling well please call us and stay home. If you have been sick please wait fourteen days before scheduling your appointment.
2. When you arrive at the office please park right in front of the door. When it is safe to come inside you will see a "Green flag" in the window of the door. If you do not see it there please wait in the car. This means we are not ready for you yet.
3. Please wear a mask while in our office. We will have disposable surgical masks if you need one. We will be wearing one too.
4. Please wash your hands when you enter and before you exit. Head straight to the kitchen and we will have the sink ready.
5. Skip the waiting room after you have your mask on and have washed your hands. Head straight to Trevor or Katie's treatment room.
6. For all hands-on care we will wear gloves.
7. IF for any reason Trevor or Katie feel that it is not safe to begin treatment, we will reschedule your visit. (i.e. you have a fever, cough or any other signs of illness)
Again, for those who do not want to come in for visits we will still be offering Telehealth visits. We may use Telehealth visits in conjunction with in clinic visits as a way to deal with our reduced schedules. For example, some patients who are normally seen two times per month in the clinic may be seen once in the clinic and once over Telehealth.



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